Lake Trout

Lake Trout are a large, slow-growing freshwater char, easily recognized by their distinct, forked tail and light spots covering a gray-green body. Ena welcomes two types of Lake Trout, which are “Red Fins” and “Greys”. You can find trophies of both fish up at Ena, which is any Lake Trout over 30”. While Red Fins are great to fight with, generally they average between 20-30”. However, a new record was set in 2020 with a Redfin of 42”! Greys on the other hand can grow substantially larger, with the biggest fish in Ena waters in the mid-40” range. These big fish are more elusive, as many of them are between 40-60 years old. And the bigger they get, the smarter they get. In Ena Lake, you’ll find them closer to the surface in early spring and fall, and in deeper, cooler holes in the summer. Our guides will have all the right lines, baits, flies, spoons and jigging to match the conditions of your visit to ensure a good catch every time.
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Lake Trout Record

Northern Pike

Northern Pike are the most widely distributed sport fish in Saskatchewan, and one of the most fierce and thrilling of all freshwater game fish to catch. Also sometimes called jackfish, Northern Pike stand out with their elongated, dark green or brown bodies with lighter spots, and their razor sharp teeth. These fish commonly measure between 35 and 50 inches long at Ena Lake. Northern Pike are most often found in shallower waters, drop-offs and in or near weed beds, and our Guides will outfit you with various spoons, crank and live baits, and the right line spinners to prepare you for battle with this scrappy, strong trophy fish.

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Northern Pike Lake Record

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Quintessentially Canadian Fish: Trophy Lake Trout and Northern Pike.

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