Fishing now, and for the future

Ena Lake’s unspoiled abundance is what makes it such a unique and rewarding experience for anglers. We’re passionate about offering our authentic northern getaway to visitors from near and far, and preserving its beauty and bounty for future generations.

Our Sustainability & Legacy Plan ensures we manage our lakes and sport fishing operations responsibly, keeping fishing pressure low and natural trophy stocks high. The main principles of our plan are:

  • Hiring experienced guides who know the best areas, the right gear and sustainable fishing practices.
  • Using and supplying lead and toxin-free lures and baits and following a “leave nothing behind” policy for excursions and Shore Lunches.
  • Adhering to provincial fishing regulations and our exclusive Ena Lake Outfitter’s License, as well as restricting the number of anglers to below what is permitted on the lake every year.
  • Enforcing proper catch-and-release practices, including barbless and round hooks, minimal and wet handling, and quick and efficient souvenir photos and measurements of your trophies. A limited number of fish are allowed for consumption at Shore Lunch.
  • Conserving and protecting the quality and quantity of fish habitats in our lakes, rivers and streams, as well as other wildlife habitat and environmental conditions on the island and surrounding area.
  • Working with our pilots and guides to monitor and check ballast waters and hulls between trips for invasive species that could degrade Ena Lake fish habitats.

And, with no other development on the lake, guests of Ena Lake Lodge are always assured the unique luxury of fishing alone in serene, pristine and naturally beautiful surroundings – now and into the future.

Preserving Ena Lake and its trophy fishery for generations to come.

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