Whirlwind Fishing Derby 2022

Whirlwind Fishing Derby 2022

September 1 - 5, 2022


The Whirlwind Fishing Derby offers an amazing fly-out experience to Whirlwind Lake and a fabulous night of Scotch tasting and cigar sampling.

Whirlwind Lake is located North of Ena Lake Lodge in the North West Territories and is very similar to Ena Lake in terms of the size, complexity, and production of trophy trout and pike. The big difference is Whirlwind has barely ever been fished. On our exploration trips we have had trophy trout catches that were off the charts, with healthy, large and thick lake trout being pulled out all day! While the trout were incredible, there was also amazing northern pike action, with double and triple headers common.

A 20-minute float plane trip from Ena Lake to Whirlwind will take you to two 16’ positioned Lund boats, waiting for your virgin lake adventure.

Whirlwind Fishing Derby Agenda

September 1: Afternoon of fun on Ena Lake to warm-up for the derby.

September 2: Four members in Group A to Whirlwind Lake.

September 3: Four members in Group B to Whirlwind Lake. Evening awards ceremony, with Scotch tasting and Cigar sampling.

September 4: Leisurely full day of fishing on Ena Lake.

September 5: Half day on Ena Lake

Booking & Pricing Information

Please contact fish@enalake.com for booking and pricing information for the Whirlwind Lake Derby.


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