Canada Cup Fishing Derby

A Brazen Bourbon Banquet

Canada Cup Fishing Derby

Wednesday, June 29 - Saturday, July 2

Ena Lake Lodge prides itself in rivalling other fishing lodges in the quality of experience we provide, and our new Club Membership model enables us to have a personal relationship with you – our members. We are excited to create tailored experiences and now, after a year of way too much time at home, Ena Lake Lodge is thrilled to announce our first ever Club Membership Event.

For 2022 we are happy to offer these special experience trips to all guests at Ena Lake Lodge, so everyone can experience the benefits of being a full Ena Club Member.

A Brazen, Bourbon, Banquet
Brazen – Adventure up the Ena River to anchored boats at the remote, untapped, Brazen Lake to catch the prize trophy trout or northern pike necessary to win a Canada Cup Fishing Derby prize. Bourbon – Relax by the fire after a day of ‘bucket-list’ angling and enjoy a special evening of premium bourbon tasting! Banquet – After 3 days of skillful angling in the Canada Cup Derby, you deserve a feast, and our executive chef will prepare a special banquet for the Canada Cup awards ceremony. One of the world’s most remote Club Membership experiences – now with even more exclusive perks!

Summary of the Week

  • June 29th: Our crew will get you settled, as you get ready for an amazing afternoon on Ena Lake to have some fun and warm-up for the derby.
  • June 30th: Four members in Group A will take a 45-minute excursion from Ena Lake Lodge using a ‘taxi boat’ to get you up river to Brazen Lake. The remaining four members in Group B head to Brazen Lake to test their skills. Who will come out on top?
  • July 1st CANADA DAY: A bonus round on Ena Lake with all eight members, who will compete for additional special honours and enjoy an amazing group shore lunch with their morning catch.
  • July 2nd: A final half day on Ena Lake before you leave with an abundance of lifelong memories.9

Fishing Derby Details

This fun yet casually-competitive format will ensure each angler gets the most out of their fishing derby days (2 of the 4 days dedicated to the fishing derby – one day on Brazen and one day on Ena – allowing for plenty of casual fishing time in-between). The overall winner will have the privilege of the receiving the first Canada Cup trophy, and associated bragging rights until the 2022 event.  Rules will be announced in advance of the trip. Side betting among members optional 😉.

More on Brazen Lake…

bra·zen  /ˈbrāzən/ (adjective) | definition: bold and without shame.

Ena Lake is 22,000 acres of secluded water, but we take no shame in being bold and sometimes venturing out even more. Brazen Lake consists of roughly 10,000 acres of pristine water located just north of Ena Lake across the 60th parallel into the North West Territories. While only 3km north of Ena Lake, it has only been fished twice since lodge opening due to difficult access.

Fortunately, you can now access Brazen Lake within 45 minutes of leaving the main lodge due to a strategically placed ‘taxi boat’ on the river that shuttles guests up to the river outflow on Brazen’s south side. There two 16’ Lund boats with 25HP Yamahas await 4 guests maximum each day to explore all that Brazen has to offer. The fishing on Taxi Lake is pretty darn good too.

Booking & Pricing Information

Please contact General Manager, Ed Houck for more information, pricing, or to book your Canada Cup Derby trip!


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