At Ena Lake Lodge we are committed to you having the experience of a lifetime and want to ensure you have all the information required to choose the best time for your trip. Obviously, we can’t predict the weather or how fish will behave day-to-day, but we can offer some guidance on times of the year that may be the most suitable for your group.

While the entire season offers exceptional fishing, the fish tend to be most active and at shallower depths when the water is cooler – this is particularly true for the largest trophy trout. This means trips from early-June to early-July and trips from late-August to the September close, have an increased chance of catching multiple trophy trout.

Trophy trout catches occur year round, but in warmer water it may take a bit more patience with down-riggers, different locations on the lake, and a ‘hot’ lure. This ‘hunt’ can be very enjoyable and rewarding as you use our expert guides, GPS locators, and your own experience to catch the ‘big one’.


While the trout can be more elusive during these times, the pike are always biting and generally remain in shallower water (less than 10’ deep) for the entire summer. The strategies to catch them will change throughout the season between casting and trolling (and fly-rods for those that have the skill!), but they are always biting.

No matter what fish species you are chasing, or if you are searching for quantity or quality, your expert guides will help you plan out your day and come up with the best strategies to make it a memorable experience for you and your family.

While the trout can be slightly less active in the heart of the summer, the weather is beautiful with long sunny days and highs in the low 20s. This makes for an incredible Canadian Shield experience and opens the door for other activities such as hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking wildlife viewing, hanging out on the beach, exploring un-touched lakes and streams, and for the brave…swimming in the crystal clear (but chilly) Ena waters.


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