Whirlwind lake could otherwise be called “Ena 2.0”. The lakes are very similar in regards to their size, complexity, and production of trophy trout and pike. The only difference is that Whirlwind has never been fished, so the quantities simply are higher at Whirlwind than Ena Lake. Maybe we just got lucky, but in the couple days that Whirlwind was fished in 2019, the trophy trout production was off the charts. Healthy, large and thick lake trout were being pulled out all day…and all within 1km of the island where the boats are positioned! In fact, only about 5% of this lake was explored during this set-up trip, so there is plenty yet to be discovered at Whirlwind.

While the trout were incredible, we must also acknowledge the amazing pike action. Double and triple headers were common, with fierce fighting pike hammering the lines continuously. We didn’t go in search of trophy pike, but did net two girthy monsters (42” and 44”) in the shallows. No doubt there are some Pike in the high 40’s in this lake.

There are two 16’ Lunds positioned up at Whirlwind, each of which had to be flown in via a single otter aircraft. It is a 20 minute float plane trip from Ena Lake to Whirlwind, so this trip needs to be confirmed well in advance to make the necessary arrangements. Fly-out costs will be confirmed by your Ena Lake Lodge team in advance of your trip.

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