This lake consists of roughly 10,000 acres of pristine water located just north of Ena Lake across the 60th parallel. In fact, the Ena Lake River system flows through Brazen, into Ena Lake. While only being 3km north of Ena Lake, it has never been fished during the operation of Ena Lake Lodge due to difficult access.

Fortunately, you can now access Brazen Lake within 45 minutes of leaving the main lodge due to a strategically placed ‘taxi boat’ on the river that shuttles guests up to the river outflow on Brazen’s south side. There two 16’ Lund with 25HP Yamahas await up to 4 guests to explore all that Brazen has to offer

As this lake was only partially explored for a couple days in 2018, we don’t have a lot of facts to share with you. Except that it is a complex lake with many islands, rocky outcroppings, cabbage, river inflow/outflows, and a few deep holes. Overall a perfect recipe for a combination of trout and pike fishing. Our guides believe this lake is where we will find monster pike pushing the high 40’s. Help them explore the lake in 2020 and catch us a new lake record!

There is a small additional cost to fish this lake, and a Northwest Territories fishing license is required in advance of your trip. If you wish to explore Brazen Lake in 2020, your Ena Lake team would be thrilled to make this happen for you!

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