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Ena In The Spotlight

From news articles to podcast appearances and YouTube videos... this is where you can stay current on Ena's publicity.

Ena vs West Coast Fishing

With its vast geography and beautiful landscapes, Canada offers one of the most amazing fishing destinations anywhere in the world. With three bordering oceans and the largest number of freshwater lakes of any country, Canada is truly an angler’s dream.

When To Fish?

While we can’t predict the weather or how fish will behave day-to-day, we can offer some guidance on times of the year that may be the most suitable for your group.

Ena Over The Years

Ena Lake Lodge has a rich history dating back to the mid-80s when Shane and Vange MacKinnon first explored this untouched place in the world. With the help of co-founders Don & Marlene Brown, we recently compiled a collection of historical photos for display at the lodge and online.