Lodge Renovation Begins


Lodge Renovation Begins!

Ena Lake Lodge Team Members
twin otter ski plane trips
10 K
Lbs of cargo & materials unloaded
Ice on the Lake
Bears chased off the island

What does this all equal? A successful trip to the all-new Ena Lake Lodge Fishing Club to set up for the major renovation happening this June!

The partners of Ena Lake Lodge are proud to announce the first phase of our major lodge upgrade is complete with the staging of nearly 70,000 pounds of materials on the beachhead of our island. It was critical to get as much of the material loaded on the island as possible so that when the main construction crew arrives in June, they can get right at it. This way we don’t have to waste many precious fishing days waiting for materials to arrive (plus, it is cheaper to fly in cargo on a ski plane than a float plane – interesting fact!).

Despite such a massive load of materials, there are still more to come. The most interesting cargo flight will be in May when our advance construction team is flown in via helicopter to get a head start on the construction during the ice breakup when planes cannot land on the lake. However, this construction crew isn’t the only thing flying on the helicopter, as our new fleet of boats and a hot tub will be slinged in via heli as well! These items don’t fit on an airplane, so we require a helicopter to do the deed. Watch for pictures at the end of May when that happens…it will be a sight!

Thank you for continuing to follow our journey as it unfolds over the coming months as we work to create one of the best fishing clubs in North America.


Biff Jones, General Manager

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