Ena Lake Lodge Fishing Club Announces New Ownership



We are proud to announce that the famed Ena Lake Lodge located in Northern Saskatchewan has recently been sold and will be re-launched as, Ena Lake Lodge Fishing Club.

Formally owned and operated by the Brown family who reside in Edmonton, Alberta, Ena Lake Lodge was a boutique, 12 person fishing lodge that was one of the first in Canada to adopt a fully ‘all-inclusive’ luxury fishing experience. Operated between 2001 and 2013, the lodges boasts over 22,000 acres of incredible trophy Pike and Trout fishing in the heart of the Canadian Shield. As the only lodge on the lake, and with a maximum of 12 guests serviced by a team of 10, this exclusive experience was nothing short of spectacular.

After a few years of keeping the lodge closed to allow for a new legacy to be created, the Browns are pleased to share that a group of local Alberta-based investors have partnered up to purchase the lodge. This new partnership, of which the Brown family will remain a part of, has great plans for the lodge and intends to invest several hundred thousand dollars to elevate the experience even further. In fact, the goal is to become one of the top boutique fishing lodges in all of North America.

Every part of the experience will be elevated, which certainly says something as for those who experienced Ena Lake Lodge in the past know that it was already exceptional. However, through this additional investment in both infrastructure and guest services, the new lodge’s owners are thrilled to re-open the doors to anglers who are seeking a one-of-a-kind fishing and hospitality experience.

That said, as this is a private fishing club, the partners will be using the majority of the time each year for their family and corporate travel. However, they have decided to allow for a limited number of retail trips to be allocated each year in the peak fishing season to share this rare experience with. With that, if you are interested in securing one of these fishing experiences and having exclusive access to the lodge, please visit the website at www.enalake.com or contact info@enalake.com for more information.

Stay tuned to this blog as this massive re-investment takes place over the coming months. We plan on sharing the journey with you as we aim to carry on the legacy that the Brown family established over the past two decades.


Biff Jones, General Manager

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